“From the first moment of contact, Andy was extremely helpful, reassuring and knowledgeable”

I’m Andy Hollinshead and for most of my life, I’ve been a DJ. I started when I was 16 and was DJ’ing in clubs from about the age of 18.

I’ve also been a radio DJ. I’m currently working for Black Cat Radio, an FM and DAB station in Cambridgeshire. In the past, I’ve also been with Chiltern Radio Supergold and spent about 6 years on MKFM as well as other radio stations.

Being a radio DJ, I’ve learned that “word count” is really important. A good DJ doesn’t waffle. They know when to talk, know what to say, and most importantly when to shut up!!! 

My vast experience of working live has taught me a lot of important lessons. For example:

  • Equipment – I always buy quality, professional equipment that looks and sounds great. I also carry spare equipment, just in case….
  • Preparation – I like to arrive in plenty of time to set up, just in case there are any unforeseen complications.
  • Expectations – I always talk to clients beforehand to make sure I can meet their expectations.


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