I often get asked if DJing ever gets boring and I think the answer is not if you are doing it properly. I never get tired of seeing people enjoy themselves.

What I’ve found is the more time I spend talking with my client the more I understand about what it is they like about music and life in general. Spending time with clients is especially important for a wedding. This very often gives me ideas about how I can tailor the disco to them. It’s like all things in life really the more you put in the more you get out. It’s exactly the same with being a DJ.

When I am doing a disco at a venue I believe it’s also important to make sure the bar staff are having fun too. If they were to look miserable or bored then it would have a negative effect on the evening. I love it when staff are actually dancing behind the bar.

DJ equipment is always changing too and it’s important to keep up with developments. There are new lights and sound systems coming onto the market on a pretty much weekly basis. Mostly they are copies of other lights but from time to time there are developments that I decide I have to invest in, but when I invest in new lighting I have to be sure that it is going to make a difference to your evening. If it doesn’t then what is the point?

The biggest development recently is that all modern DJ lighting uses LEDs and not bulbs. It is far more reliable and easier to work with. In addition, it uses less electricity which is really important if you are playing a marquee where using a lot of power can be a problem.

Constantly trying to get a better or perhaps different result out of existing equipment is another challenge which keeps me interested.

My ideal night is obviously one that everyone enjoyed but also one where I feel I triumphed in doing something new as well. As I said I never get tired of seeing people enjoy themselves.