wedding insurance

As a great man once said, “Don’t Stop The  Party!!!!…but what if you were ill on the big day? The following is a rough guide to Event or Wedding Insurance (but it’s down to you to check the facts and do your homework).

Event Insurance or Wedding Insurance might mean all the bills are paid and you can rename the day AND it also covers other things too. It may be the difference between postponing your perfect day or just going down the registry office followed by a take away from KFC.

Let me just say that different policies cover different things and cover can differ and I’m not going to recommend an individual insurer for this. I would suggest that you speak to a broker and discuss your needs.

Typically wedding insurance covers things like:

  • the venue going bust or cancelling
  • a supplier letting you down
  • lost or damaged rings and clothing
  • cancellation because key people can’t make it due to accident or illness.

IT WILL NOT cover you if you change your mind about getting married and for pre-existing conditions.

They generally don’t cover bad weather or marquees but you may be able to upgrade the policy.

I’ve been DJing for many years and usually things are ok thank goodness. However, I have seen it  when a cancellation has happened for a party (but thankfully not a wedding) and the poor people had paid in advance for all the food (and this had already been bought as it was last minute). Other suppliers also needed paying.

Of course people are not heartless and most suppliers will try and work with people but it isn’t always possible to refund people either partially or in full for things beyond their control.

Wedding insurance can usually be bought up to two years before the event so it shouldn’t be a last minute thing and it isn’t always that expensive. It can start from as low as £30. As a general rule of thumb the more they cover but read the small print.

Obviously I would hope this is something you would never need but I really do suggest you strongly consider it for a wedding and perhaps other events to.

Some other things to remember is that there is often more protection when paying by credit card and using experienced and trusted suppliers usually reduces the risk of things going wrong.