Black Cat 107 Radio DJ

Working for radio station Black Cat 107 FM is some of the best fun I have ever had. The station broadcasts on FM in St Neots and on DAB in Cambridge. It plays a lot of different music and not just a handful of the same records on heavy rotation. If you...

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Is DJ’ing Boring?

I often get asked if DJing ever gets boring and I think the answer is not if you are doing it properly. I never get tired of seeing people enjoy themselves. What I've found is the more time I spend talking with my client the more I understand about what it...

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A Kentish Wedding

This photo is taken from an epic night. I usually only play either in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area but on this occasion, I'd been convinced to take the disco a long way from home. It was a wedding in a the middle of a nature...

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