This photo is taken from an epic night.

I usually only play either in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area but on this occasion, I’d been convinced to take the disco a long way from home. It was a wedding in a barn…in Kent….in the middle of a nature reserve.

I was looking forward to an amazing weekend surrounded by Britain’s glorious wildlife. Unfortunately, my “nature weekend” started a little earlier than I had expected. I was involved unwittingly in the big national news story of the day. Some horses had got loose near the Dartford tunnel on the M25 and I was stuck in a traffic jam for hours!!!

Thankfully I had gone down a day early to set most of the equipment up the night before so it wasn’t a big deal apart from having a really numb bum and a very sore back when I got there.

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and many of the guests were camping out on the nature reserve so everyone was up for a really good party.

The plan was that I would introduce the first dance then play a couple of gentle records before the band took over.

The couple getting married (Angie & Adam)  wanted “I Love You” by The Ordinary Boys as their first dance, this had concerned me a little as I wasn’t sure the crowd would know it. How wrong I was. It was a song all their old university friends knew and many people were singing along to it. Certainly turned out to be one of the best first dances I’ve ever had the pleasure to introduce.

So after just a couple of records, I gave the band a big build up and let them take over.

The band were really good but after an hour and a half, I felt they were in danger of going on a little too long…It was at this exact moment that the bride’s father said to me that the free bar was running out and would I mind running him to Tescos in my van to stock up? No problem….but that meant that the band had to play for even longer…

After our little half-hour booze cruise, I knew everyone was ready for a bit of a change. My first record was “Uptown Funk” followed by Fleur East’s “Sax” which sits in the same vein and then into Pharell’s “Happy”. Everyone loved it and the dance floor was packed until the end of the evening and I was told afterwards that all the people who couldn’t fit on the dancefloor were dancing outside.

What a legendary disco, great music and lights, saving the night with a booze run to keep the bar going…I tell you what….wild horses couldn’t have kept me away!!!!